Pipeline Management & Bid Calendar

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Real Time, Company-Wide Bid Calendar

AccuQuote allows you to manage your sales process and provides real time, company-wide tracking of all your opportunities. Our powerful bid calendar tool has the capability to assist your business in making more data-driven decisions and allows you to close deals faster, more accurately and become more profitable.

“AccuQuote immediately provided our team with an effective bid calendar for internal prioritization & customer management. This has improved our response time & dramatically reduced last-minute scrambling on bid days.”

- Jayda Freibert, Director of Sales, Morin

Bid Calendar Tool

Our bid calendar provides real time, company-wide tracking in an easy visual way to manage the complex and lengthy sales processes. Sort by manufacturer, pricing, basis of design, job date, estimator, assignment and all follow-up notes in one central location with a single click.


AccuQuote eJob folder

The AccuQuote eJob folder allows you to connect all documents associated with a job. For example, engineering specifications, drawings, video’s quote history, literally anything all in one place.


Up To The Second Tracking

Never be out of the loop again. AccuQuote tracks every detail on every job up to the second, in real time giving you access to the kind of information and reporting you need to run your business. If a change is made to the job, everyone in your company instantly has access to the most up-to-date information available. Kiss those outdated job folders goodbye!

Pipeline Management Capabilities

Take control of your sales pipeline by remaining organized as leads move through the sales process. Develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities, while focusing the data that may be indispensable for future pursuits.


Quickly find the stats you need

View valuable information such as Track wins & lost opportunities by bidder, Job status reports, quoted equipment reports, bid list reports and much more quickly and easily. Data is the key to improving and finding out why you have won or lost a proposal and AccuQuote places all the information you need at your fingertips.


Automatic Email notifications

Salesman, estimators, engineers, and management are automatically notified by email when they are added or removed from an estimate. Setup email notifications to tell you when a job has been bid and what bids are coming up that week. With AccuQuote you will never miss a bid date again.

Track your bids in real time. Our Bid Calendar tool is FREE!

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With AccuQuote's Bid Calendar Tool, you have: 

✔ Access Anywhere on Any Device                          ✔ Automated Notifications

✔ Companywide Dynamic Bid Calendar                ✔ Clear Visual Interface

Track & Report on all Jobs in Real-Time           ✔ Automated Reporting

✔ Wins & Losses by Bidder                                            ✔ And Much More

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