CRM Tools are Critical for Manufacturer Sales Rep Growth

The Top Must-Have Quoting Management Features for Your Business
The Top Must-Have Quoting Management Features for Your Business
January 4, 2019
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Top 5 Headaches for Manufacturer Reps in the Quoting Process
February 17, 2019
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AccuQuote: Quoting Management Software

CRM Tools are Critical for Manufacturer Sales Rep Growth

Leads come in from multiple sources, accurate quotes are due quickly, and there are potential clients in every step of the pipeline – that’s a lot of data to track. The value of utilizing a construction CRM tool is having a centralized location for all this data, plus access to essential tools, such as a quote builder.

These tools lead to higher efficiency, stronger performance, and improved win-rates. A few key features found within construction CRM tools are outlined below, each bringing a powerful advantage to the sales process.


Building accurate quotes quickly is not only beneficial for process efficiency, but its critical for growing your business. Quoting through spreadsheets inevitably leads to errors and can take longer than expected. Utilizing a quote builder, such as Accuquote, eliminates these headaches.

By reusing equipment specs and automatically running calculations, the possibility of error is greatly reduced. Additionally, quote builders can provide clean, print-ready quotes that look professional and are easy to understand.

Pipeline Management

Pipelines can be a scene of chaos with multiple leads in various stages, each with a unique to-do list. With a construction CRM tool, pipelines are carefully managed and easily explored. Using a quote calendar, sales reps and management can view upcoming quotes, quotes that are out, and any that are overdue. Moving beyond quotes and accessing ongoing jobs, reps can ensure that projects are moving smoothly.

Contact Management

The days of Rolodexes are mostly behind us, but the need for having organized contacts lives on. A drawer of business cards and a reliance on one’s own memory often leads to missed opportunities, whereas contact management features within a CRM tool allow for the full collection of an organization’s contacts to be stored, recalled, and edited. Notes on a contact’s file can illustrate the full story of a client’s history with the organization, giving sales reps the information they need to communicate appropriately.


Data Centralization

A key difference between construction CRM tools and spreadsheets or whiteboards is the centralized dashboard of information. These tools make it so you don’t have to shuffle through various files to find notes and status reports for specific projects or clients. With data in one place and sortable by components such as manufacturer, pricing, job date, and assignment, finding needed information is just a few clicks away. </p>


Business doesn’t always happen in the office. Having access to client information, quoting tools, and project status while on-site can be critical. This gives reps the ability to close deals faster, without having to rush to the office to find client folders, organize a quote, and send it off. It also ensures the team is on the same page with calendars and notes updated in real-time.



Spreadsheets are incredibly useful for certain tasks, but they fall short when it comes to managing a proper sales process. Accurate quotes, centralized data, and mobility are just a few of the features that put construction CRM tools above the traditional spreadsheet and whiteboard management practices. With a tool like Accuquote, which combines essential tools like quote building with powerful CRM features, the sales team can expect errors to fade, and sales efficiency to increase.


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