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Create Quotes

AccuQuote was created specifically for HVAC manufacturers’ representatives to make the process of creating professional and accurate quotes easy. Your team will be able to spend more time with clients selling and less time sitting behind a computer writing quotes.



Calculations Done Instantly 

If your business is currently relying on spreadsheets to produce quotes, you are likely working with flawed information. According to a study conducted by the International Conference on System Sciences, 76% of spreadsheets contain errors. AccuQuote automatically calculates price, margin, markup and freight cost.  Leave behind the errors that come with using spreadsheets and whiteboards.

Company Wide Database of Templates

Your entire sales team will have access to a company-wide database of templates creating consistency and streamlining your quote creation and management process. Update specs, cost and markup in one centralized template, and everyone on your sales team will be quoting with that updated information instantly.



Your Competitive Advantage 

AccuQuote streamlines the entire quoting process so you can win the race against time when it comes to edging out the competition and closing your next deal. Prospective clients want to receive your proposals as quickly as possible and will look favorably on your ability to respond with fast, accurate and professional quotes.

Instant Access to All the Data You Need to Run Your Business

Track Wins & Lost Opportunities

The goal of all organizations selling a service is to win more business faster and efficiently. It can be a time-consuming effort to prepare a bid for a large-scale opportunity. With that said, companies often move on to the next prospect without considering the data that may be indispensable for future pursuits.



Transfer From AccuQuote to Your

Favorite CRM or Accounting Software

Your data is your own, AccuQuote makes it easy to transfer your data to your favorite CRM or accounting software. Allowing your organization to reap the unique benefits of AccuQuote.

Real-time Access to the Data You Need

With AccuQuote you will have access to valuable information such as Track wins & by bidder, Job status reports, quoted equipment reports, bid list reports and much more. Using this data is the key to improving and finding out why you have won or lost a proposal. It also provides insightful and critical input into your future marketing and sales initiatives. 



Custom Proposals & Speed

When everyone’s quote looks the same, no one stands out from the crowd. AccuQuote allows you to customize your proposals and position your business as unique. AccuQuote makes you stand out from the crowd with quick, accurate professional quotes, on time - every time!

Want to grow your business?

AccuQuote helps manufacturer reps grow their businesses by providing better data that leads to better quotes that close. We show you the status of every job. We track every quote. Everyone is working with the same data. Let us show you how we can help you.

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