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Building Brand Consistency into Your Quotes

In business, your brand is critical and every quote you submit should help to reinforce your brand.  With AccuQuote, all of your proposals will be personalized with your business's logo, font, and quotation format. This will allow you to create a consistent look and help to establish brand awareness, setting you apart from competitors.  The consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average according to a recent study conducted by Lucidpress & Demand Metric. 

Standing Out With Custom Proposals & Speed

When everyone’s quote looks the same, no one stands out from the crowd. AccuQuote allows you to customize your proposals and position your business as unique. The ability to provide a one of a kind branded, professional quote quickly, allows your sales team to be much more productive by saving time during the quotation process. Ask yourself, how many hours does your sales team spend creating a quote for a prospective client? AccuQuote helps your sales team become more productive by allowing them to focus more on client interaction and selling and less time preparing quotes.

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