The Top Must-Have Quoting Management Features for Your Business

Meeting the Demand for Fast, Accurate Quotes
Meeting the Demand for Fast, Accurate Quotes
December 15, 2018
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January 24, 2019
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The Top Must-Have Quoting Management Features for Your Business

The Top Must-Have Quoting Management Features for Your Business

Quoting management software can take your business to new levels of productivity and competitiveness. Its purpose is simple: to help you quote more efficiently so that you can close more business. If you’re in the market for a new way to automate your workflow for producing and managing quotes, we highly recommend looking for these top must-have features:


1. Respond to Customers Faster with Instant Access to Your Data

Look for software that is web-based. This allows you to work anywhere and manage your quotes at any time. With a web-based quoting management platform, responding to customer questions, tracking quote status and follow up are easy and efficient – not to mention, access on desktops, tablets and smartphones ensure you are always on top of the data.


2. Better Follow Up with Real-Time Reporting

Maximize your investment with real-time reporting by boosting accuracy and efficiency. This allows you to know the status of every deal – engineering, open, submittal, won, active, lost and completed. This is a MUST for managers who want to grow their business in a very competitive market. Access reports and stay up-to-date at the speed which information changes without the hassle of updating management report spreadsheets.


3. Build Quality Quotes in Minutes – Let the System Do the Work!

Create and manage templates to store equipment specifications – build them once and use them over and over. This ensures that the right pricing, specifications and descriptions are used each time, unlike with spreadsheets. Enter your equipment specifications and costs into customizable templates which you can then pull into quotes without having to copy a spreadsheet or write them from scratch every time. This also eliminates the need for your team to be in the office – work from anywhere. If you have to make a change, this is simple – create the quote and then make the edit in just seconds – let the system do all the work.


4. Stay in Touch with Complete Contact Management

Store and manage all of your business contacts in one central location with onsite search functionality. This makes it simple for you and your team to have the right contact information when needed. No longer do you have to enter business card information and hope you got it right – it should all be in your quote management platform.


5. Calculate All Margin and Pricing in Seconds

Quote management platforms do every calculation you need in seconds. Net price, sell price, mark up, margin, and freight costs in an instant. Want to know pricing by Quote group – in the blink of an eye. Total option cost – done and done.


6. Track All Jobs in One Company Wide Job Board & Calendar

Stay on top of your pipeline with a universal job board & calendar that shows your team what is due and when. No more whiteboards and spreadsheets. Search for a quoting management platform that tracks all these dates for you. A calendar helps manage timelines for manufacturer reps so they can stay on track and plan more efficiently.


7. Reduce Paper with a Central Quote Repository

Don’t waste time by searching through countless document folders when you can easily access exactly what you need, when you need it with a central repository. Quoting management platforms have a central repository so that data is shared, analyzed and updated across the organization. This is a much better way to manage quotes and it improves the accuracy of information by eliminating spreadsheet errors.


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