Why Automated Workflows Are Critical

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7 Trends in HVAC that are Improving Efficiency
May 10, 2019
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Why Automated Workflows Are Critical

Why Automated Workflows Are Critical

When I think of automated workflows, I tend to think of a back room filled with robots beeping as they perform some mundane task that we as humans just don’t want to do. That, however, is quite the stretch as these workflows are not operated by a room full of robots, yet they tend to make it seem as though you have a team of ten when really you only have a team of 3. Here, we will aim to discuss and identify why automated workflows are critical to your success and what types of tools you can use to optimize the current processes running within your business.


What is Workflow Automation?

So, if automated workflows don’t involve a room full of robots, then what do they look like? Automation could come in the form of a piece of physical or digital technology such as creating a dynamic dashboard or bid calendar to show all of your companies trackable and relevant metrics, or it could be the implementation of a benchmark that is used to see where a process is being stifled, for example, the longer a customer is unapproached the more likely they are to exit your store without a purchase, thus we would set a benchmark for our employees to greet and engage customers within 30 seconds of their arrival. Having processes such as these automated takes a lot of the tedious and inefficient aspects out of mundane tasks.

Key Benefits of Workflow Automation

A successfully implemented workflow automation should be accompanied by several key benefits. Depending on the processes you are automating, your team could also gain scalability, integration, real-time reporting, reduced errors and more.


Efficiency & Increased Productivity

As processes begin to become streamlined, employees find they are spending less time completing the tasks while simultaneously gaining a better understanding of why it exists as a process in the first place. This helps to reduce confusion and to enable and realize their success within the workplace.

Reduce Errors & Redundancies

Employee understanding will also naturally facilitate the identification and subsequent removal of redundant processes and tasks. This will greatly reduce stress in the workplace as well as time-to-complete averages for the workflows affected drop significantly.

Reduce Costs

Perhaps the largest benefit realized is dramatically reduced costs with the limitation of human error issues, time-to-complete, and the overall organization of documents pertaining to the processes. No longer will you have avoidable expenses in relation to your workflows, but rather costs that are attributable to another pain point in the process that, once resolved, will ultimately garnish more of the same benefit as you apply it to the other tasks or processes.

Improved Communication

Improvement in communication between employees and management usually follows closely behind the reduced costs. With improvements to internal status reporting and the removal of manual or inefficient tasks, roles and activities are made much clearer to employees resulting in less disputes and less missed or overlooked communications.

Real-Time Reporting & Visibility

Management will also receive benefits from workflow automation, mainly in the form of real-time reporting. Having access to the data you need to make your decisions is critical to your business’s success and having readily available reports aggregating that data to make it more visual should allow for better visibility with regards to the company pipeline as well as overall efficiency.


 AccuQuote is Your Key HVAC Workflow Automation

So, how can these benefits of workflow automation be applied to the HVAC Manufacturer Representative or Distributor industry? AccuQuote has successfully combined fundamental industry metrics along with today’s methodologies to create a system where the quote, equipment, bidder, basis of design, and complete customer history can all be managed centrally, efficiently, and most importantly… Automatically.

If you are in the HVAC industry, whether you are a Manufacturers Rep. with 7 locations and a robust line card or a mom and pop shop looking to gain a little extra advantage over the big guys, we would love an opportunity to show you how AccuQuote can solve these problems and keep you doing what you love… without the waste.

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